Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bookmarking for Class

Exactly what is a social bookmark? Many educators already use Bookmarks or Favorites in their personal browsers to save Web sites they use frequently in class or at home. But, what if you've saved a site on your home computer and want to find that Web site while you're at school? Or say you want to share your bookmarked sites on Edgar Allen Poe with other teachers? The typical bookmark/favorite system doesn't work for these scenarios.

Also, because you can put these bookmarked sites into folders that you label with a name like "Osmosis sites" or "Civil War Documents," there is some minimal organization, but it's fairly limited. For example, if a site has both an interactive tool on alliteration and good biographical material on Langston Hughes, do you put it your Langston Hughes folder or your Alliteration folder -- or do you put it in two folders and save it twice? What if there are not just two savable aspects of that site, but five or ten great things on very different topics? How many times do you bookmark the site and how many folders do you create?

The answer to that question is to consider using social bookmarking.

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