Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NISD Technology Integration Initiatives

Technology integration specialist Jo Anna Moreland will be on the three elementary campuses Oct. 13-15, the junior high Oct. 21 and the high school Oct. 27 to meet with teachers. Topics covered to this point on the elementary campuses include Delicious, Google Apps, SmartBoards, and blogging. Upcoming topics to be covered with teachers include follow-ups and/or continued training in SmartBoards, Google Apps, eChalk class utilities and Web 2.0. New topics include Discovery Video and Media Share, ProQuest digital resources, and distance learning.

S.T.A.R. (Step-up Technology Applications and Resources) projects include recording and posting video lessons in math, managing class sites, iPods in bi-lingual education, video production in history, psychology and sociology. More information and features of what teachers are doing with technology with their students will be forthcoming.

Contact the technology department with ideas for integration and support in your classroom.

MATH VIDEO LESSONS (Nikki Robinson Algebra II)

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