Thursday, November 5, 2009

Discover Streaming Plus & Media Share

The campuses of Navasota ISD now have access to Discovery Education Streaming Plus and Media Share resources - giving teachers access to nearly 9,000 full length videos and 90,000 video clips. Some of these videos come from Discovery Channel. Other contributors include Scholastic, the BBC, PBS and NASAMore than 170 educational producers contribute to the content.

There's also more than just video in the Discovery Education streaming package. Some of the other tools include:
  • Quiz builders: Teachers can create multiple-choice quizzes, which students fill out using a computer. The quizzes are graded automatically, and teachers can view the results, including which answers the students chose.
  • Writing prompts: As with the quizzes, teachers create the prompts and students complete the assignments using a computer. There's also a library of prompts for a variety of writing styles, from expository to narrative.
  • Editable videos: Teachers can use video editing software to customize certain clips.
  • Professional Development: Discovery Education offers a wide array of complimentary professional development options that allow educators to learn more about integrating technology into the classroom.
  • Discovery Educator Network: A Discovery Education streaming subscription includes an invitation for all educators to join to the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). The DEN currently includes more than 88,000 members nationwide, providing professional development to more than a half a million educators.
Navasota ISD Technology Integration Specialist Jo Anna Moreland is meeting with teachers on all campuses to introduce Discovery Education's Streaming Plus and Media Share utilities. Also, follow Discovery on Twitter (streamed to the right on this blog) and the Discovery Education Network Blog for continual updates and developments on how to integrate these tools into your curriculum.

Click to see a Navasota ISD example use of Media Share. Neely Nickle's Math Models class at Navasota High School. Mr. Nickle records lessons using his SmartBoard, uploads to Discovery Education Media Share, and shares with students through the Math Models class Web page.


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  2. allows you to create your own wordles and quizzes