Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers and Students

Try these great, interactive Web 2.0 tools to expand learning in the classroom for both you and your students!

  • 280 Slides - presentation tool similar to PowerPoint; embed video, audio, and images
  • Animoto - "the end of slideshows;" create videos from still images
  • Aviary - free photo editing tools
  • Create A Graph - great for even young students to easily create and change graphs
  • Creately - create and collaborate on online diagrams and designs
  • Crocodoc - easily share and review documents online, including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Eyeplorer - search and cross reference terms in Wikipedia in order to collate notes
  • Gliffy - draw and share diagrams on the web
  • GoAnimate - make your own cartoons and animations
  • Kerpoof - create pictures, cards, book, and even movies; for elementary students
  • Number Gossip - a search engine for everything about numbers
  • Penzu - the anti-blog; keep your thoughts private in this online journal
  • Phuser - personal message boards and private shared discussion spaces
  • Scribble Maps - lets you draw, scribble, and annotate over Google maps
  • Springnote - free online notebook based on a wiki
  • Stixy - flexible online creation and collaboration
  • ToonDoo - online cartoon strip creator
  • VideoLobby - create your own professionally-styled live webcast
  • Voki - create your own avatar; even record your voice
  • Voxopop - audio tool that lets users record their voice for others to listen and respond to
  • WallWisher - a virtual bulletin board where users can attach sticky notes and discussion points
  • Web-Chops - users can "clip" any part of a web page and rearrange clips onto a custom page that can be shared with other people, eliminating ads or questionable material
  • WordSift - text visualization tool
  • Writeboard - collaborative writing software
  • Xtranormal - text-to-speech avatar movie making

  • technotes - Texas Computer Education Agency

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