Friday, November 1, 2013

Texas Association of School Boards On-Site Facilities Team Presents Study Findings to Navasota ISD

By Tim Seymore, Asst. Superintendent/Chief Financial Officer

The Texas Association of School Boards On-Site Facilities Team presented its initial findings of its facilities inspections to a group of Navasota ISD administrators, staff, and board members on Monday.  The inspection seeks to identify deficiencies in the structural, mechanical, environmental, safety, and capacity aspects of the facilities.  This report is the first part of the on-going development of a Facility Master Plan.

Concurrent with the facilities inspections, Templeton Demographics has been conducting a demographic study to determine future population changes.  Local and near-local  growth in commercial activity, as well as the expansion of housing developments in the area, are key indicators of growth.  With all of the Navasota ISD facilities at near capacity, determining potential growth is essential to the Facility Master Plan.  Knowing which campuses are likely to become over-crowded in the near future and which parts of Grimes and Brazos Counties are experiencing growth, will allow the district to prepare and lessen the negative effects that over-crowding has on the learning process.

The Navasota ISD Board of Trustees has selected an architectural firm to assist in the Master Planning Process, to provide information about improvement costs and options.  The architectural firm will work with the Facility Committee as they determine the scope of repairs and renovations that may be necessary and to determine the costs associated with them.

The Facility Committee will enlist the help of community members in the development of the Facility Master Plan.  No organization has an impact on the community quite like the school system; therefore, having input from various community groups is an important part of the process.  There will be a forum for public input and information sharing, in addition to opportunities for community members to serve in the development of the Facility Master Plan.  If you are interested in participating in the Facility Master Planning process, you are encouraged to contact Tim Seymore, at or call 936-825-4224.

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