Saturday, September 1, 2012

"How to Google" Update - Hosting, Organizing Instructional Video for Use With Students

Visit Navasota ISD's YouTube Channel for a new series about how to manage instructional videos you have created for use with your students. This series addresses the use of your Navasota ISD Google YouTube account to host and organize video and the integration of this account with your class web pages and Google calendars for clear presentation and easy access for students. The series, Using Video for Instruction, includes short demonstrations on how to:
  • Set up a YouTube Channel using your NISD Google Account
  • Upload and label video to your YouTube Channel
  • Use playlists on your YouTube Channel to organize and present video
  • Create, share, and view multiple Google calendars
  • Add content (calendar, video) to class pages
  • Link YouTube videos to Google Calendar events

Overview: Managing Video for Instructional Purposes (FULL SERIES)


  1. Those days are fewer as states cut budgets. Now that our dwindling staff development budgets are almost to depletion, these are the kinds of resources our teachers might find useful.


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